Sportrack Vista XL

Thule Sportrack Vista xl Rooftop Cargo Box Reviews to Get a Flexible Box for Any Vehicle Some people choose Thule Sportrack Roof Box Vista XL because of its durability and design. Vista XL rear opening cargo box is made from durable UB-resistant ABS material. Indeed, it is not the only reason why some car owners install a Sportrack roof box car on their cars. Check the Sportrack roof cargo box reviews below.

sportrack vista xl

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Sportrack Vista XL

An Extra-Large Rooftop Storage Capacity

A sport rack roof cargo box is a perfect option for travelers who need to bring a lot of items, yet you only have a piece of small luggage. In this case, you are about to get an extra 18-cubic feet storage on the rooftop of your car.
It means that there will be no items left behind before traveling. As a result, you can focus on the traveling and activities you will do without spending more time revising the items to bring. The best part of installing a Sportrack explorer roof box is that you can bring more passengers into the vehicle. You don’t have to limit the number of passengers anymore only because of putting suitcases on the passenger chairs.

A Durable Roof Box Car

A Vista XL carbo box SR7018 is not only spacious for suitcases and other items but also protects them well. Thanks to the ABS plastic construction that is durable, waterproof, and UV-resistant. It means that you can bring items in any weather, including in the rainy or snowy season.

This feature even works when you have to deliver items in hot weather where sunlight may affect the quality of the item. You can focus on driving the vehicle to the destination. Then, you can open the Sportrack Aero XL roof box to check the condition of the items. There will be no change from the first time you put them in this box.


Sportrack also considers the safety of the items while using its roof box storage. That’s why the manufacturer gives a rear opening system. This system allows users to open the box away from traffic.

You can focus on putting the load out no matter the traffic. The payload process is also faster because of this system. The manufacturer even gives extra protection on its products, such as in the Sportrack A90095 Explorer roof box and Sportrack Aero 1300 roof box by installing a lock.

The function of this locking system is to secure contents in the box. It also ensures that the box stays locked to the vehicle. Indeed, this product works well for bringing items that are easily damaged because of water or sunlight.

Easy to Install and Remove

There is a time that you have to install the rooftop storage box right away, yet you also don’t need it sometimes. It takes time to install and remove a rooftop storage box if it has a sophisticated installation system.
Sportrack Vista is different than other traditional rooftop boxes. Specific products, such as the Sportrack Skyline XL cargo box or Sportrack Horizon I cargo box has a simple installation system that make them easy to install and remove.

One thing is for sure that the simple installation doesn’t reduce its safety. The box will stay lock in your vehicle no matter the condition of the road. This installation system is also great if you have to install or remove the Sportrack Skyline cargo box urgently.

You only have to read the Sportrack cargo box installation instructions carefully if it is your first time using the box. That’s it! You can install this box in a few minutes, and you are ready to go. Learn also about the replacement latch for the Sportrack explorer cargo box, roof box vent, and Sportrack cargo box replacement key for a more comfortable installation process.

Compatible with Most Factory Racks

The compatibility of the Sportrack cargo box parts with most factory racks is another reason why some car owners choose to use them. The parts are compatible with Sportrack roof rack systems, square load bars, round load bars, and many more. It means that you can install a specific cargo box such as a Sportrack Explorer cargo box in any vehicle. This product can be a solution for those who are looking for a roof box for SUV, a roof box Mercedes, or even a roof box for car.

Simple, Yet Stylish Design

Sportrack is not only offering a functional cargo box but also stylish. The model doesn’t affect the installation at all because it looks simpler. You can even use a specific cargo box such as a Sportrack Horizon XL cargo box or Explorer Sportrack cargo box as an accessory for your vehicle.

Most products are black and it looks elegant with any vehicle, yet a roof box white is also available in the stores. You may compare roof box Thule vs Sportrack when looking for a stylish design. It seems that Sportrack is more stylish than Thule, yet both of them work well to protect your suitcases while traveling.

Thule and Sportrack are not only the option because you can also use the Yakima rooftop box. Ensure that you have compared the roof box Yakima vs Sportrack first before choosing the best one. It seems that Sportrack is better in the case of protection, capacity, and model.

Hold More Items

Don’t forget to find out the maximum weight capacity a box can hold. Let say the Sportrack cargo box Vista XL is strong enough to hold up to 100 pounds or 45 kg load. It means that you can bring more items that you need during traveling.

Indeed, it is not only a multifunction box for roof rack but also a compatible and safe box for a vehicle. This product is not only for SUV and Mercedes but also for a roof box Odin 1750 and roof box Volvo XC90 where they are a bit difficult to find in the market.

You only have to find the best roof box for sale and wait for the package to come to you. Ensure that you get the best roof box sale deal. Then, you have extra storage that you want for so long. Some rental services even offer Sportrack roof box rental due to its quality and capacity. Car owners often also sell a Sportrack roof box used and they can easily sell it. It means that having a Sportrack roof box is also a great investment.

The point is that thule Sportrack Vista XL rear opening cargo box solves your problem of adding extra storage in the car. In the end, you can’t only bring all loads you need but also passengers. They can even sit on the car comfortably without any disruption from the loads